Webinar: Introduction to iPaaS – Drivers, Requirements and Use Cases

Synerzip webinarIf you have heard the term “iPaaS” but still aren’t quite sure what it means, join us tomorrow, Wednesday, July 20th at 10am PST, for a webinar in partnership with Synerzip to hear more about this increasingly recognized term and why you might be ready to adopt an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) solution.

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SnapLogic on the Radar with MWD Advisors

MWD AdvisorsSnapLogic was recently reviewed by advisory firm MWD Advisors for our efforts to reinvent integration platform technology by creating one unified platform that can address many different kinds of application and data integration use cases.

A few highlights from the report:

  • An in-depth look at our multi-tenant, AWS-hosted platform which includes the SnapLogic Designer, Manager and Dashboard
  • The Snaplex execution environment; namely, the Cloudplex, Groundplex and Hadooplex
  • 3 competitive differentiators – deployment flexibility, a unified approach across multiple integration scenario types and both scalability and adaptability

Read the full review here, or take a look below. You can also check out other SnapLogic reviews on our website.

MWD Advisors is a specialist advisory firm providing practical industry insights to business leaders and technology professionals working to drive change with the help of digital technology.

SnapLogic an Enterprise iPaaS Visionary

SnapLogic iPaaSWith Gartner’s 2nd Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) report published last week, Loraine Lawson at ITBusinessEdge has referred to the iPaaS market as a “Volatile Boom Town.” At SnapLogic, we’re proud to announce that we have once again been recognized as a Visionary Leader in this high-growth market. Here’s what our founder and CEO, Gaurav Dhillon, had to say about the report:

“Since launching the SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform in late 2013 our product development team has been laser-focused on adding new functionality that solves the challenges of integrating today’s hybrid environments with on-premise, cloud and big data applications. We believe our visionary position is a reflection of growing enterprise customer adoption an continued innovation in delivering a unified platform that addresses both application and big data integration use cases simultaneously.”

Gaurav also talked about how SnapLogic’s cloud integration bet paid off in this diginomica featured interview last week.

At SnapLogic, we’ve set up to address the Integrator’s Dilemma, by pushing for the convergence of application and data integration in the modern era. It’s time to rethink legacy ESB and ETL in the enterprise. Here are some of the companies highlights in the last 12 months. Thanks to all of our customers and partners for their continued support.

Company Execution:

Platform Innovations

  • 300+ Snaps: pre-built connectors, called Snaps, to the most popular cloud and big data systems are now available, including Box, Cloudera, Concur, Eloqua, Hortonworks, NetSuite, MongoDB, Salesforce, SAP, ServiceNow and Workday
  • Snap Patterns: reusable process and data integration patterns make it easy to configure and address the most common integration use cases and data flows for connecting cloud services like Amazon Redshift from Amazon Web Services
  • SnapReduce 2.0: translates data flow pipelines into MapReduce code, enabling customers to ingest, prepare and deliver big data to power next generation analytics
  • Hadooplex: SnapLogic’s hybrid execution grid can run in the cloud, on-premise or as a native YARN application in a Hadoop cluster
  • Ultra Pipelines: dramatically speeds the process by which time-sensitive data is delivered to cloud and big data applications

Partnership Momentum

  • Cloudera and Hortonworks certifications: the Hadooplex introduced to run as a Hadoop 2.0 YARN application
  • SAP Netweaver certification: enables customers to easily share data between their SAP software and other enterprise and cloud applications. SAP Hana Snaps also introduced
  • Integration with Okta: provides seamless, secure access to the SnapLogic platform and a single point of control for user authentication and authorization through the Okta Application Networks
  • AWS Redshift Free Trial and Snap Patterns: quickly build, deploy and efficiently manage multiple high-volume, data-intensive integration tasks delivering data to and from a cloud data warehouse
  • Salesforce Analytics Cloud Snaps and Patterns: powering the Wave with easy data loading and transformation

As you can see it was a busy year for the SnapLogic team…and we’re just getting started! This week we’ll be at Gartner BI in Las Vegas and on April 9th, we’ll be at the AWS Summit in San Francisco. You can check out all of our upcoming events here and be sure to Contact Us if you’d like more information on the SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform.

SnapLogic TechTalks: Elastic iPaaS and Big Data Integration in Action

Over the past few months we’ve run a series of TechTalks to help get our customers and partners up to speed on the SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform. The sessions are 30 minutes and they dive into some of the more advanced aspects of our cloud and big data integration platform as a service (iPaaS). Topics we’ve covered so far include:

  • Java Database (JDBC) Connectivity
  • Event Driven Pipelines
  • Sub Pipelines and Guaranteed Delivery
  • Data Transformations and Mappings
  • Using the SOAP Snap
  • Scaling Your Integrations
  • SnapReduce 2.0

You can check out the recordings here and sign up for the next TechTalk here. We’re always looking for new topics to cover. Customers and partners can login to our Developer Community and post their suggestions or talk to your SnapLogic customer success manager. And if you’re new to SnapLogic and how we connect enterprise data, applications and APIs, be sure to check out our Resource Center and Contact Us if you’d like to discuss your cloud and big data integration requirements.

SnapLogic TechTalks