iPaaS for iRobot: Connect Faster with SnapLogic

In this video, Jim Teal from iRobot talks about how SnapLogic allows his organization to be more agile and operate as a real-time business supporting their global manufacturing operation.

“It’s the ease of use and flexibility of the platform that really is a huge accelerator in productivity.”

You can learn more about why iRobot initially chose SnapLogic in this recorded webinar. To learn more about SnapLogic customers, visit: SnapLogic.com/Customers.

Cloud Integration at iRobot: Thinking Differently

Elastic-Enterprise-FB-graphicLast week we hosted a live webinar and were fortunate to be joined by SnapLogic customer Jim Teal, Information Architect at iRobot. There are exciting things happening over at iRobot and it was great to have someone from the team on board for last week’s online event! A huge thanks to Jim for talking the time to talk to us about how SnapLogic’s data integration systems are helping to power the elastic enterprise at iRobot, and thinking differently with schema-less integration. A recording of the webinar can be found here, and if you haven’t already, check out this video of Jim when he was in the SnapLogic office a few months ago answering some questions about iRobot’s need for an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) and implementing the SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform.

More details can be found both in the recording and the presentation slides (found below), but the the main points covered in the webinar recording were:

  • What makes the enterprise elastic
  • Dealing with new integration challenges, which results in the “Integration Imperative”
  • Cloudification – which apps to move to the cloud and when? – and Data Gravity – will data reside behind the firewall or in the cloud?
  • Challenges at iRobot and the introduction of an iPaaS
  • A live demo of the SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform
  • Q&A

Talking Cloud Integration and the Elastic Enterprise with iRobot

“We look at SnapLogic as an opportunity to think differently about integration.”

– Jim Teal, Information Architect, iRobot

Elastic-Enterprise-Resources-graphicSnapLogic customer iRobot builds robots that make a difference in the home, in the field, in the workplace and in schools. In our upcoming webinar on Wednesday, June 11th, we’ll be talking to iRobot Information Architect Jim Teal about how cloud integration powers the elastic enterprise. We’ll also review the business drivers that led the company to invest in the SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform. We’re looking forward to talking more with Jim, who will be joined by SnapLogic VP of Marketing Darren Cunningham and Director of Product Management, Craig Stewart, about how a modern, cloud integration solution will drive operational efficiency and improved quality in the data collection process. The interactive webinar will also address the technical advantages of the right integration platform as a service (iPaaS), including the ability to:

  • Manage and deploy integrations across multiple locations
  • Perform “schema-less” integration patterns for maximum productivity and re-use
  • Deliver both application and data integration requirements with a single, elastic integration platform

Register for the webinar here and in the meantime, check out the video below to hear Jim Teal talk about how iRobot runs SnapLogic’s iPaaS: