Winter 2017 Release Is Now Available

As enterprises grow and adopt best of breed solutions based in the cloud, on-premises and/or hybrid, integrating data between varied applications, databases and data warehouses (used by the enterprise) continues to be a challenge. New solutions are rapidly adopted, and technical and non-technical users alike need help to meet the challenge of quickly integrating the data from multiple sources into one view to make decisions at the speed of business.

snp-76209-winterrelease-484x252-facebookThe release includes several new Snaps and Snap updates that make it faster and easier to integrate Workday, NetSuite and Amazon Redshift with other applications and data sources across the enterprise. All three systems are increasingly popular as businesses embrace the cloud to run their business, a “cloud shift” that Gartner says will drive more than $1 trillion in technology spending by 2020.

Here is a brief overview of new and enhanced Snaps:

  • Confluent KafkaThe need for streaming data becomes more important and today about one-third of the Fortune 500 uses Kafka. SnapLogic is pleased to introduce a new Snap for Confluent’s distribution of Apache KafkaTM, an enterprise-ready solution that connects data sources, applications and IoT devices in real time.
  • TeradataSeveral new Snaps have been added to Teradata Snap Pack expanding support with Teradata TPT Load, TPT Update Snap, and Teradata Export to HDFS Snap which allows customers to easily export data from Teradata to an HDFS cluster without the need for any additional installation or complex configuration.
  • Workday: Workday Read Snap has been enhanced to provide a simplified Workday output format making it even easier to be consumed by downstream systems.
  • NetSuite: Asynchronous operations support for NetSuite, enables more efficient use of NetSuite’s capabilities, through new Snaps including Netsuite Async  Upsert, Async Search, Async Delete List, Async GetList, Check Async Status and GetAsync Result Operations Support Snap.
  • Amazon Redshift: Our customers use Redshift to connect multiple on-premises data sources and applications to Redshift without any coding. The Winter 2017 release introduces a new Snap to execute multiple RedShift commands in one Snap, thereby making RedShift data integration pipelines even more easy to create and manage.
  • Amazon S3: The Winter 2017 release brings additional streaming performance improvement while writing to an Amazon S3 bucket.

Continued Enterprise Focus: Introducing Asset Search Functionality

SnapLogic continues to be the best platform for enterprise IT and LOB teams to integrate applications and data sources without any coding. Enterprises often have thousands of pipelines, files and accounts and it’s hard to search for a given asset. The Winter 2017 release allows customers to quickly search for assets and also filter search outputs.

Security and Performance Enhancements

Security and performance continue to be focus areas for SnapLogic. To further tighten user passwords, the Winter 2017 release enforces enhanced password complexity requirements. Customers can also configure session timeout and idle timeout parameters. In addition, the MongoDB snap pack has been extended to support SSL.

SnapLogic is committed to supporting the growing enterprise’s needs. We hope you will find the new Confluence Kafta snap, expanded support for WorkDay, Netsuite, Amazon RedShift, enhanced search and security useful. Customers can start using the capabilities described in the Winter 2017 release right away. For more information on the Winter 2017 release, including demo videos, see

Leveraging Big Data Security with SnapLogic iPaaS

Hadoop / Big Data in Enterprise

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 7.41.34 AMThe Big Data ecosystem came into existence to deal with the massive amount of data generated via web/online activity. Once the major components of the ecosystem matured, it didn’t take much time for enterprise organizations to use these new tools and technologies for their use cases. Today, enterprise organizations are dumping all kinds of structured, semi-structured as well as unstructured data into their data lakes. But the major challenge faced by them is how to make sense of the massive data in their data lake. Using the SnapLogic Elastic iPaaS (Integration platform as a service), which is based on the visual programming paradigm, customers can address this issue with ease. It provides a powerful web-based Designer and hundreds of prebuilt connectors (Snaps), which customers can drag and drop to build their data pipelines to cleanse and reshape the data in the required format, and they can do it at big data scale and in a big data environment. Continue reading “Leveraging Big Data Security with SnapLogic iPaaS”

Two-way SSL with SnapLogic’s REST Snap

SnapLogic_word_cloudThere are lots of ways for a client to authenticate itself against a server, including basic authentication, form-based authentication, and OAuth.

In these cases, the client communicates with the server over HTTPS, and the server’s identify is confirmed by validating its public certificate. The server doesn’t care who the client is, just as long as they have the correct credentials. Continue reading “Two-way SSL with SnapLogic’s REST Snap”

SnapLogic Winter 2015: Big Data Integration, Security, Developer Productivity

ResourcePageButton (1)Today we announced our Winter 2015 release, with a focus on securing cloud application and big data integration for hybrid deployments. The release introduces enhanced security and lifecycle management capabilities for enterprise integration platform as a service (iPaaS) deployments, new and updated cloud and on-premises Snaps and a continued focus on productivity and self-service features for “citizen integrators.” As our CEO Gaurav Dhillon said, “We’re seeing a re-imagining of integration in the enterprise as CIOs look for greater business alignment and agility as well as a faster payback on their cloud application and analytics investments. Our Elastic Integration Platform is now processing over 10 billion JSON documents per month and with a focus on security, performance and developer productivity, the Winter 2015 release enables our customers to further expand their iPaaS deployments from real-time data synchronization and orchestration to big data integration initiatives.

Be sure to check out the webinar for detailed demonstrations of what’s new, including:

  1. iPaaS for the Enterprise: Enhanced encryption, lifecycle management, improved developer productivity
  2. Big Data Integration: SnapReduce 2.0 and Hadooplex now available as add-on options
  3. New and Updated Snaps: Including Salesforce Analytics Cloud, Sumo Logic and SAP HANA

You can also take a look at a few of the resources to get the full overview of the Winter 2015 release and new features that are now available for SnapLogic customers: