Training Videos: UX Updates and Data Mapper

We receFB_Posts_SummerLaunch14_720x266ntly added a series of new training videos to highlight some features and enhancements of the SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform. Check out the videos below to learn more about some of the user interface updates from our Summer 2014 release, and how to automatically map known fields with the SnapLogic Data Mapper.

SnapLogic Summer 2014 User Interface Updates

This video features some of the new enhancements we recently made to the SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform user experience including new features in the pipeline and dashboard tabs.

The SnapLogic Data Mapper

In this video, see how you can use fields and data types with the SmartLink button to automatically map known fields with the SnapLogic Data Mapper. In coming springs, there will be additional learning that will pick up other data that has been mapped. This video also covers Expression Builder which gives access to more comprehensive information about capabilities to manipulate data.

Check out our full video site for additional trainings and demonstrations.

The SnapLogic Integration Cloud User Experience

A few months ago our lead user experience designer Joyce Lam wrote a blog post entitled: Designing for the Enterprise: More than Just Rounding Corners. In this whiteboard overview from SnapLogic’s Director of Engineering Andy Buteau, he walks through the 3 main components of the SnapLogic Integration Cloud user experience.

You can check out some of Andy’s other chalk-talk videos here:

We’ll post the final part of this whiteboard series of videos tomorrow. Great job Andy! You definitely have board skills.