Monitoring Dashboard

Monitoring Dashboard

Monitor and manage the performance of your company’s cloud and big data integration and enterprise integration workloads — at the office or on the go. The SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud Dashboard provides secure visibility for easily monitoring and managing the health of your company’s cloud integrations, offering system performance dashboards, drill-down capabilities, and triggered event notifications.

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The SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud Dashboard provides a performance management view of your cloud integrations, providing real time status and control to day-to-day operations. The Dashboard graphically displays performance and utilization levels for integration pipelines and servers. Start by viewing the overall health index of your entire ecosystem, and then quickly drill down into an individual data connection to perform root cause analysis.

Performance Management Made Easy

Securely monitor and manage the health of your company’s cloud integrations, with system performance dashboards, drill-down capabilities and triggered event notifications. Quickly view real-time SnapLogic metrics, including utilization and load, number of connections, pipelines running, volume of data and network failures.

Key Features

Performance Management

  • Intuitive dashboards for integration metrics and statistics
  • End-to-end pipeline visibility
  • Quick, drill-down capabilities
  • Proactive alerts
  • Role-based access with SSO integration

Monitor from Anywhere, 24/7

  • HTLM5-optimized for mobile browsers
  • Secure mobile monitoring
"SnapLogic will enable us to connect our applications in real time in order to create a single, comprehensive system of systems to run our expanding incentive compensation business."
Bob Genchi, Director of IT, Xactly

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