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Key Features

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM (MSCRM) Snap Pack offers an integration solution that will maximize your MSCRM investments by supporting integration of key customer-related business processes. Achieve a consolidated view of your clients, sales, products and marketing efforts by integrating your MSCRM with your enterprise applications.

The MSCRM Snap Pack consists of 7 Snaps which, along with the set of SnapLogic resources, provides access to all business entities exposed through MSCRM web-services. The data available through SnapLogic includes common entities such as Contact, Accounts, Leads, Opportunities as well as support for custom MSCRM Entities. The MSCRM Snap does not require any additional setup or configuration within MSCRM. After installation, data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be accessed in SnapLogic without any additional programming. The actions that can be performed through Snaplogic include “Create”, “Read”, “Update”, “Delete” and “Search” . The actual data accessible from Microsoft CRM is also controlled by the Microsoft Dynamics CRM credentials and implements the Windows NTLM Authenticated security.

For connectivity between SnapLogic and MSCRM this Snap Pack uses the MSCRM SOAP interface, eliminating the need for any subsequent configuration within MSCRM. The Snap Pack:

  • Provides read and write access to MSCRM
  • Provides access to the available objects in MSCRM including custom Entities
  • Utilizes the MSCRM SOAP interface
  • Includes a wizard to automatically detect custom objects and fields that have been defined in MSCRM
  • Supports the following operations on MSCRM Objects:
    • Insert
    • Update
    • Delete
    • Read
    • Search

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