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Key Features

The Trillium Snap makes it easy to use Trillium’s powerful data quality services. The Snap data quality tool allows you to automate the process of pushing data to Trillium and to route the resulting cleansed data to exactly where you need it.

The Trillium Snap provides you with the ability to create data pipelines to and from the Trillium data cleansing services. Take advantage of Trillium’s world class data quality tools with the advantage of process automation and customized data routing. Trillium enables:

  • US and International Address Verification and Correction
  • Address matching
  • Geo-Location tagging of addresses

With the SanpLogic Snap, you can leverage the power of Trillium with the ability to automate the movement of data to and from the system. Take, for example, the following use case:

Customer X wants to pull new account data out of a SQL Server database for either a direct mail marketing campaign or for assignment to the enterprise account services team. To maximize value, they want to verify the account information against Trillium’s global address verification system.

For verified contacts they want to segment the database into two lists: “Enterprise Accounts” and "SMB Accounts”. For contacts that can’t be verified, they want to create a file that can be sent to a Sales Operations Manager for review.

They will build a pipeline to Trillium which takes the data from the SQL files for address verification. The Trillium Snap data quality tool will automatically split the resulting data into verified and unverified lists. The verified addresses will be sent to a SnapLogic Filter component where parameters for Enterprise and SMB are defined, and the resulting two data streams will be sent to the appropriate target system. Unverified addresses will be sent to a SnapLogic Email component where they will be emailed to the Operations Manager.

Important: Trillium requires that City, State and Zip information be concatenated before being moved into the Trillium system. This can be easily accomplished with the String Operations component included with SnapLogic.

  • Automates the process of moving data into and out of Trillium
  • Utilizes SnapLogic’s simple and powerful Designer
  • Leverages SnapLogic’s ability to place the data into the target system that you choose
  • Enables you to perform transformations on the data throughout the process

Use Trillium to:

  • US and International Address Verification and Correction
  • Address matching
  • Geo-Location tagging of addresses

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