Integration for Developers and ISVs

Integration for Developers and ISVs

Deliver Customer Data Integration Solutions with Speed and Accuracy
Be agile and speed up your development integration process without compromising on quality or accuracy. A shorter development cycle means that you can iterate rapidly until the ideal solution is delivered using ISV and developer integration.

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Hand-coded integration solutions often struggle to respond to changing business requirements. Problems get especially exacerbated when ISV and development integration solution is orchestrating across multiple endpoints that include both cloud and on-premise applications. The resulting long implementation cycles can be a frustrating experience both for the developer or implementer, as well as the business analyst. A platform that makes building orchestration flows a configuration-driven exercise can greatly alleviate the pain and make solution development an agile and iterative experience.

SnapLogic’s Integration Cloud is purpose built for delivering fast, multi-point and modern integration. This cloud-based platform needs no installation and configuration will help you get up and productive within minutes. The HTML5-based user experience (UX) makes the Designer, Manager and Monitoring Dashboard universally accessible. With a rich drag-and-drop experience, you can rapidly snap and assemble even the most complex orchestrations. With the Java-based SDK, you can easily build new connectors when the requisite pre-built connectors are not available on the SnapStore. SnapLogic’s data and process flows can also be programmatically generated and invoked using a secure public API, called the snAPI, making it very easy for developers and ISVs to embed integrations into other applications.


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