Integration for Enterprise Human Resources

The Importance of HR Onboarding
First impressions last. Leading organizations regard the new employee onboarding experience as a competitive differentiator in employee engagement and retention. Streamlined business processes that automate common tasks spanning multiple applications, or Enterprise Human Resources Integration (EHRI) can greatly improve the employee onboarding experience.

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Human Resource (HR) management has been one of the top domains for software-as-a-service (SaaS) adoption. Business applications such as the Workday® solution, SumTotal, SuccessFactors and others deliver significant value to customers by automating common HR-related business processes in the cloud. However, adopting an HR SaaS application, or enterprise HR integration, is just one piece of the puzzle. Higher order benefits such as organizational agility and efficiency are achieved when your HR application is integrated with other business applications to orchestrate common processes.

An example is employee onboarding. SnapLogic has helped many customers automate their HR onboarding processes by seamlessly integrating existing systems – either on-premise or in the cloud. In response to a new employee onboarding request, for example:

  • A process is automatically kicked off to update records in the HR system.
  • New email accounts are provisioned.
  • New users are provisioned for help desk support.
  • Updates are made to the public employee directory and more.

All of these steps occur as part of one global update with enterprise human resources integration. This kind of automation reduces manual processes and paperwork, improves information accuracy, and enables HR staff, line managers, and others to make onboarding an efficient and happy experience for new hires.

What if your company could improve employee productivity, engagement and satisfaction, while reducing operational costs such as the administration of onboarding by 25%?

SnapLogic’s fast, multi-point and modern integration platform as a service (iPaaS) empowers IT and HR professionals to build and manage their HR processes faster and makes integration an enabler instead of a barrier to business agility.


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