Integrated Digital Marketing

Integrated Digital Marketing

Multi-Channel Digital Marketing
Today’s data-driven marketer is expected to manage a myriad of online channels while staying on top of ever-changing market conditions. While insights are available, they are often hidden across multiple data applications, complex spreadsheets or locked in an enterprise data warehouse. Fortunately, recent technological advances are helping to alleviate these challenges by taming the complex problem of channel explosion and need for cloud speed, including a cloud CRM solution for integration.

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Digital marketing is increasingly dominating today’s marketing budgets, and leading organizations are successfully appropriating significant ROI by rapidly responding to ever-changing markets. The key success factor behind this ROI is agile decision-making based on real-time information assimilated across a variety of channels, including CRM integration. The SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud allows marketing organizations to rapidly integrate information from across these channels and facilitate the devising of cogent marketing strategies to build a more competitive edge.

For example, a Fortune 100 retailer was struggling to get insights into the efficacy of their digital marketing investments. They had no way of getting social media data without coding against APIs of the various media sites and data aggregators such as Kenshoo, Facebook, Vindico, and DoubleClick. This inflexible hand-coded approach would have made adding or modifying an existing data feed a cumbersome and slow process, defeating the spirit of fast moving social media. This hand-coded approach would also require expensive technical resources to write programs to access the media outlet APIs.

For this retailer, the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud:

  • Simplifies API introspection and consumption of the social media sites.
  • Empowers the marketing analysts to rapidly access data and make timely tactical adjustments.
  • Automates the orchestration flow and fetches dimensional and metric analytics data from Google DoubleClick, interaction measurement data from Vindico and Kenshoo, and metrics from Facebook Insights in real-time.
  • Allows the marketers to deliver targeted offers based on assimilated information directly to their customer via a custom mobile application.

Get started with the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud today to get more value from your multi-channel marketing investments by ensuring you’re working with the right information at the right time from all of your disparate data sources.


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