Integration for Sales Operations

Integration for Sales Operations

Powering a Single View for Sales
According to IDC, sales operations are responsible “for developing and orchestrating the processes and systems required to enable an efficient and effective sales organization.” Self-service data and application integration that runs at the speed of the cloud is a key tool in the cloud based CRM integration and sales operations toolkit.

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Sales Operations is 100% focused on maximizing sales productivity. This can cover everything from sales compensation, enablement, forecasting, analytics, the quote to order process and more. With CRM for sales, and specifically sales force automation (SFA), at the center of your world, it’s not surprising that access to accurate and fresh data is such a critical component of the Sales Operations role. The SnapLogic Sales Integration Cloud provides a “snap and assemble” environment that allows Sales Operations to:

  • Quickly integrate data from multiple sources for richer analytics to help accelerate business performance and growth.
  • Improve sales visibility by bringing information like quotes and orders as well as social media, customer support and accounting data into Salesforce CRM for a true single customer view.
  • Maximize CRM for sales and user adoption by eliminating the need to login to multiple systems to access relevant information.
  • Automate multi-point integrations between Salesforce CRM and and other cloud applications as well with back-office systems behind the firewall.

Get started with the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud today and let us focus on integration so you can focus on helping your sales team hit their goals and compete more effectively with fast access to right-time information.


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