February 2015

This SnapLogic Support Services Policy describes the policies and procedures under which SnapLogic, Inc. (“SnapLogic” or “we/us/our”) provides support services (“Support Services”) to its customers (each, a “Customer” or “you/your”). Support Services are provided for SnapLogic’s Service pursuant to the separate subscription or license agreement between SnapLogic and Customer (“Subscription Agreement”) and are subject to such Subscription Agreement and this policy. Support Services are provided for the Subscription Term specified in the Subscription Agreement. SnapLogic may change the Support Services offered at any time, effective as of the commencement of any Service Term (or renewal thereof). Capitalized terms not otherwise defined in this policy have the meanings given in the Subscription Agreement.

SnapLogic is committed to delivering a quality monitoring experience to our customers. As part of our commitment, it is our goal to improve the Hosted Service by effectively managing and quickly resolving the technical inquiries of our Customers. The purpose of this document is to communicate the support options and processes and clearly set service expectations.

All of the service and performance standards set forth in this Policy are subject to Customer’s compliance with SnapLogic’s technical requirements for the Hosted Service, as well as Customer’s compliance with the Subscription Agreement. SnapLogic may update this Policy at any time, provided that Customer’s rights are not materially and adversely affected.

1. Hosted Service Availability.

In accordance with the terms of the Subscription Agreement, SnapLogic agrees to comply with the performance standards set forth in this Policy. SnapLogic will meet the below service performance standards when providing services to Customer in accordance with the terms of the Subscription Agreement, effective as of the first day after the initiation of production feedback collection and reporting:

Availability Measure (excluding scheduled maintenance)


Production site availability


Availability: The percentage of minutes measured over the course of a calendar quarter that the designated pages load upon user request, excluding periods of scheduled maintenance or general failures of the Internet not due to SnapLogic’s negligence or willful misconduct.

NOTE: SnapLogic’s services may be subject to limitations, performance issues, delays, and other problems inherent in the use of personal computers and the internet and electronic communications. SnapLogic is not responsible for any nonperformance, delays, delivery failures, or other damages resulting from such problems unless caused by SnapLogic’s negligence, willful misconduct or breach of this Agreement.

2. Updates, Maintenance, and Excusable Downtime.

The following categories comprise Excusable Downtime and, except as noted, are excluded from the Hosted Service Availability referenced above.

a. Standard Updates: To maximize optimal performance of the servers that provide the Hosted Service for Customer, SnapLogic will perform routine maintenance and apply standard updates on the servers and to the Hosted Services from time to time. When routine maintenance is required or Hosted Service updates are made, they are typically performed or applied between the hours of 9 a.m. and 1 p.m., Pacific Time on a Saturday to ensure maximum availability to customers. SnapLogic will use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that on average, the total amount of time in which this maintenance window is used will not exceed 4 hours per week.

b. Scheduled Maintenance: If SnapLogic needs to perform extended system maintenance outside of the maintenance window set forth in the immediately preceding section, SnapLogic will use commercially reasonable efforts to notify customer at least 48 hours in advance, and to ensure that downtime does not occur during peak usage of the system.

c. Emergency Updates: SnapLogic may need to make emergency updates to address security, privacy, legal, regulatory, or third party hardware and software issues not reasonably foreseen by SnapLogic or within SnapLogic’s direct control. In such cases, SnapLogic will apply the update as soon as possible. Customer agrees to cooperate with SnapLogic in the deployment of all such emergency updates.

d. Network Unavailability beyond SnapLogic’s Control is defined as SnapLogic’s inability to pass incoming and outgoing TCP/IP traffic due to network issues not caused by SnapLogic. This may include systemic disruption of internet carrier telecommunications or equipment, other interruptions of service on the backbone or on the Customer’s portion of the network, or interruptions or significant degradations of service caused by denial of service or similar attacks. Network Unavailability Beyond SnapLogic’s Control is considered Excusable Downtime for its entire duration and takes precedence over any other downtime cause with respect to calculating Service Availability.

If SnapLogic, in its sole and absolute discretion, must apply Emergency Updates as described above, SnapLogic may not be able to notify Customer until after the update is made.

3. Customer Support.

a. Definitions

i. “Business Day” means Monday through Friday, excluding U.S. federal holidays.

ii. “Emergency” is defined as a situation in which a particular location’s Services are completely inoperable, Customer has reasonably ruled out Customer’s network, internet connection status, or other technical factors outside of SnapLogic’s control as the cause of the failure.

iii. “Error” is a failure of the Hosted Service to perform as substantially as described in the Documentation.

iv. “Issue” is an Error that is classified as “Priority 1”, “Priority 2”, “Priority 3”, or “Priority 4”.

v. “Workaround” mean as a solution or resolution that provides materially equivalent functionality while an Issue is being addressed. The workaround may involve a reasonable number of additional steps by the Hosted Services user to achieve the same result.

b. Support Hours

SnapLogic provides support on Business Days from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST. Gold level support provides 24×7 coverage. Gold support includes SnapLogic training (up to five (5) days).

c. Support Access Methods

Support contacts may request SnapLogic support via telephone or electronic mail.


+1-888-494-1570 option 2



Customers reporting new Issues must be prepared to provide the following information:

1. Customer account name

2. User name that the User uses to access the Hosted Service.

3. Results of any troubleshooting measures Customer may have already undertaken, and a list of steps that can be followed to reproduce the issue.

4. As many other details about the issue as possible, including any co-existing issues and any recent updates or changes that may have been made to the network topology or infrastructure.

For subsequent communications about existing cases, Customer must be prepared to provide the following information:

1. Customer’s previously assigned case ID and priority level.

2. Any additional details about the Issue since Customer was last in contact with the SnapLogic support resources.

d. Response Times

If Customer encounters an Issue, Customer may contact SnapLogic’s support services personnel as set forth above. SnapLogic will respond to reported Issues within the response times set forth in subsection (e), below, commencing when SnapLogic actually receives Customer’s notice of the Issue (i.e., leaving a message that SnapLogic does not receive does not mean that the response time calculation has commenced).

e. Priority and Response Target Matrix

During case creation, a SnapLogic technical support representative will assign a priority level, based on the standards described in the matrix below. SnapLogic will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond to Customer inquiries within specified targets, based on the priority of the reported issue according to the matrix.

Priority #

Priority Level


Target response times

Reported within service hours

Reported outside of service hours

Priority 4


A feature of the Hosted Service is not functioning correctly, but does not impact data quality or access. This includes requests for general information.

2 business days

2 business days

Priority 3


The Hosted Service is not functioning correctly, where less than 50% of subscribed services are impacted or unreachable and no alternative is available, or where more than 50% of subscribed services are either impacted or unreachable where no workaround is available. Includes scripting and implementation of SnapLogic-published API-related requests and single-user authentication problems.

8 hours

Next business day

Priority 2


The Hosted Service is significantly impacted, where greater than 50% of subscribed services are impacted or unreachable and no alternative is available. This includes problems accessing two or more services.

4 hours

Within 2 hours of start of next business day service hours, or 4 hours, whichever is greater

Priority 1


The Hosted Service has stopped or is so seriously impaired that it is unusable and no alternative is available. This includes problems accessing the entire set of services included in the Hosted Service.

1 hour

4 hours

SnapLogic will use commercially reasonable efforts to resolve all issues. SnapLogic may use any resolution method available (i.e. fixes, workarounds, etc.) to resolve an Issue. Each support request is assigned a case number and the issue is prioritized according to the above matrix.

A case will be closed when a Customer’s inquiry is resolved. A resolution is typically one of the following: an answer to the question, a suggestion on how to perform a particular task or an acceptable workaround to a product issue. Customers will be notified of case closures, and this closure notification will always be done via email, to the email address on record.

A case can be re-opened at any time at a Customer’s request, if further investigation is required. A new priority level may be assigned at such time.

f. Non-SnapLogic Issues

If SnapLogic, in its reasonable opinion, determines that a problem reported by Customer is not due to an Issue related to the Hosted Service, SnapLogic will so notify Customer. At that time, Customer may (1) instruct SnapLogic to proceed with endeavoring to resolve the Issue at Customer’s expense (provided, however, that SnapLogic may, in its sole discretion, decline to proceed); or (2) instruct SnapLogic that Customer does not wish for SnapLogic to attempt to resolve the problem. In the event that Customer requests that SnapLogic proceed as set forth in clause (1), Customer will pay SnapLogic, at SnapLogic’s then-current professional services rates, for all work performed in connection therewith, plus reasonable related expenses, as incurred. Customer will not be liable for any costs, including associated expenses, for (i) Issue determination or repair to the extent problems are due to Issues in the SnapLogic Service or (ii) work performed under this paragraph that exceeds Customer’s instructions or (iii) work performed after Customer has notified SnapLogic that it no longer wishes work on the Issue resolution to be continued (such notice will be deemed given when actually received by SnapLogic).

g. What Is Not Included Within Support

i. Hosted Service Training. Support does not cover training on the use of the Hosted Service. If SnapLogic determines that the User is not knowledgeable regarding the use of the Hosted Service, and is requesting support for purposes that relate more to training than to Issue diagnosis and/or resolution, the User will be referred to SnapLogic’s training department or the applicable account manager. Training can be provided but will be provided pursuant to SnapLogic training pricing and policies.

ii. Installation. Assistance with the installation and configuration of third party hardware or software. SnapLogic does not provide these services.

iii. Assistance to Customers not in good standing. Access to SnapLogic support resources and SnapLogic’s obligations under this Policy are available only to customers whose accounts are in good standing with SnapLogic.

4. Service Credits.

If Customer believes that SnapLogic has failed to maintain Hosted Service availability for a particular month and wishes to receive a Service Credit (as defined below), Customer must notify SnapLogic within ten (10) business days following the end of the month in which the failure occurred. Service level claims will be verified against SnapLogic’s system records, which will prevail in event of any conflict with Customer records. Availability measurements will be conducted by SnapLogic. Subject to the procedures in this section, in the event of a verified failure, SnapLogic will credit Customer’s account one day’s current monthly fees for each one full percent (1%) of Hosted Service unavailability in such month below the Hosted Service availability percentage (“Service Credits”). Service Credits in any month will not exceed ten percent (10%) of monthly fees and will be applied in the month following the Hosted Service unavailability only. Receipt of Service Credits will be Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy for any failure or interruption of the Hosted Service. The circumstances described in the “Exclusions from Support and SLA” section above are excluded from calculating Hosted Service unavailability.

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