Winter 2017 Release

This release simplifies SaaS integration, expands support for real-time data streams and expedites “cloud shift” for fast-moving businesses. Introducing:

  • Support for Confluent Kafka
  • Enhanced support for Teradata, Workday, NetSuite and Redshift
  • More enterprise-focused features
Introducing Confluent Kafka Snap Pack

Introducing Confluent Kafka Snap Pack

The Winter 2017 release introduces a new Snap Pack for Confluent, offering our customers a self-service enterprise-ready solution to connect data sources, applications and IoT devices in real time using the Apache Kafka™ based Confluent platform. With intelligent, pre-built Confluent Kafka Snaps including the Confluent Producer and Confluent Consumer Snaps, customers can easily create a scalable streaming data platform and run pipelines to ingest and analyze data from different sources.

Comprehensive Teradata Support

With pre-built intelligent Snaps for Teradata, SnapLogic provides enterprises an easy-to-use, drag and drop based platform to quickly integrate their Teradata databases with several cloud and on-premises applications and data sources. The Fall 2016 release introduced Teradata TPT support with Teradata TPT Fast Export Snap. Building on that momentum, the Winter 2017 release provides comprehensive Teradata TPT support. Several new Snaps have been added to Teradata Snap Pack including Teradata TPT Load and TPT Update Snap. Using Teradata TPT Snaps, customers can quickly load, update, delete, insert and upsert data to and from Teradata databases. The Winter 2017 release also introduces a new Teradata Export to HDFS Snap which allows customers to easily export data from Teradata to an HDFS cluster without the need of any additional installation or complex configuration.

New Enhancements to Workday, Netsuite and Redshift Integration

The Winter 2017 release amplifies integration for the following:

  • Workday: Workday Read Snap now provides simplified Workday output format making it even easier to be consumed by downstream systems.
  • NetSuite: New Snaps offer asynchronous operations support to the NetSuite Snap Pack including Netsuite Async Upsert, Async Search, Async Delete List, Async GetList, Check Async Status and GetAsync Result Operations Support Snap. These Snaps enable the most efficient use of NetSuite’s capabilities.
  • Amazon Redshift: The Winter 2017 release introduces a new Snap to execute multiple Redshift commands in one Snap, making Redshift data integration pipelines easier to create and manage.

Additional functionalities have also been added to MongoDB and DynamoDB support. View SnapLogic’s library of pre-built Snaps here.

Continued Enterprise Focus: Introducing Asset Search Functionality

SnapLogic continues to be the best platform for enterprise IT and LOB teams to integrate applications and data sources without any coding. Enterprises often have thousands of pipelines, files and accounts and it’s hard to search for a given asset. The Winter 2017 release allows customers to quickly search for assets including pipelines, accounts and files by typing in a search bar that uses text-based indexing. Asset searches can be conducted across an entire organization or limited to a project or project space. Customers can also filter search outputs and limit the search to certain types such as pipelines, accounts and files. The Winter 2017 release also introduces a new validation icon, giving more control to users to perform on-demand pipeline validation in addition to the existing auto validation feature.

Learn more about how SnapLogic works here.

Security and Performance Enhancements

Security and performance continue to be focus areas for SnapLogic. To further strengthen user passwords, the Winter 2017 release enforces enhanced password complexity requirements such as at least one special character and one uppercase character is required for a valid password. With this release, customers can also configure session timeout and idle timeout parameters. Additionally, the MongoDB Snap Pack has been extended to support SSL. The Winter 2017 release also brings in streaming performance improvement while writing to an Amazon S3 bucket.

Security and Performance Enhancements
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