2012: The Year of Cloud in The Enterprise

For me, January always tends to be a month for collecting my thoughts after the holidays. These last few weeks, I?ve been reflecting on all we accomplished at SnapLogic in 2011, and thinking about what I’m most excited for in 2012.

I agree with Gaurav Dhillon, our CEO, that this will be “the year of cloud in the enterprise”. Notice how he uses the words “cloud in the enterprise” vs. “enterprise cloud”. That’s because for large enterprises, the cloud is being adopted in a hybrid manner. Hybrid in terms of WHERE it’s being adopted (both Private and Public) and WHO is driving the adoption (both centralized and shadow IT). The bottom line is that enterprises now face a burgeoning number and diversity of new end points within their IT ecosystem.

With all the groundwork we laid in 2011, there’s never been a more exciting time to be at SnapLogic. Put simply, the more things that need to be connected together, the more benefit SnapLogic provides to the customer and the more value we add to their business. Of course, we can’t do it alone and we are looking for great people in all areas of the company.


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