5 Things to Expect Leading up to Dreamforce – A Movember Mustache for @Benioff?

Dreamforce2013I love Dreamforce. It?s by far the industry?s most exciting user conference and every year Salesforce somehow manages to take it to a new level. Here are 5 things you can expect to see leading up to Dreamforce (and one other that I think would be cool given that the event is back in November):

  1. You?ll see a big push by Salesforce to ensure that the event is bigger and better than Oracle OpenWorld and pretty much any other tech conference you?ve ever attended. So far this year I?ve been impressed by the Road to Dreamforce webcasts. There?s a $1M Developer Hackathon for developers. Free passes are available. And of course, there?s also the active Community org for customers, partners and Salesforce employees to interact and plan their week. If you?re planning to attend, be sure to make the most of both of these resources.
  2. You?ll see some great posts by members of the active Salesforce community about how to make the most of your time in San Francisco. Here are a few examples:
  3. You?ll see lots of media expectations about what Marc Benioff will unveil (other than some new socks).  I thought the Mystery Google Barge might have been a pre-Dreamforce stunt, but no such luck. Here are some early predictions for this year’s conference.
  4. You?ll get a lot of emails from AppExchange partners who want to meet you at the show. The partner expo is extremely busy and somehow manages to get bigger and better each year. It?s critical that partners maximize their return on the event and connecting with prospective customers is essential. You?ll also see some pretty impressive giveaways and get invited to some great parties, so be sure to check your email spam filters.
  5. There will be lots of innovations announced by Salesforce and by partners. Anyone covering anything cloud has likely already been contacted to discuss what?s coming and what?s new. We announced the SnapLogic Integration Cloud well in advance this year.

As I said, I love Dreamforce and I love the lead up to it ever year. Last year the conference was in October and the year before it was in September. Now that it?s back in November (the week before US Thanksgiving) I?m wondering if we might see some Movember mustaches in 2013. It?s a great cause!

How about a competition between Salesforce partners and employees for the best mustache at Dreamforce? Think we could get Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff on board? I?ll talk to SnapLogic?s CEO Gaurav Dhillon to see if he?s in – he already has the side burns! Anyone else?

See you San Francisco! DM me @dcunni if you want to catch up at the show. The @SnapLogic team will be there!

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