AjaxWorld 2007 Wrap Up

AjaxWorld 2007 is a wrap. It was my first time at this conference, and after three days, I’m still not sure what the personality of this show really is. On the spectrum between a technical conference and watching infomericals, it’s closer to the latter. Much closer. AjaxWorld was not a very large conference – I’d say no more than 1000 people…including vendors. As a result, the individual breakout sessions usually had 20 or so attendees.

The technical level of presentations varied widely, from vague strategies to actual technical presentations. I found the session scheduling to be really bizarre – early start, late finish, and either large gaps with nothing interesting, or lots of duelling sessions on similar topics at the same time.

We had steady traffic and interest at the SnapLogic table, where we demonstrated our current work with the dojo.data interfaces to SnapLogic. We had as much interest from the other vendors as we had from Ajax users, since everyone has the same data access problems.

A recurring theme during the conference was the increasing need for simple data access from the browser. It’s clear that Ajax is the preferred RIA development technique, yet few of the data interfaces available today are Ajax friendly, especially those inside the firewall. As the style of the Web moves inside the firewall, I expect the Web style of data access is to follow.

My vote for best session goes to Jared Jurkiewicz for his presentation on Dojo.data.

It was at the end, but worth waiting for.

Category: News
Topics: Conference RIA

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