Amazon Web Services bandwidth canard

I came across the Amazon Web Services bandwidth graphic again today over at AWS blog.

I remember back in January when I first saw these stats I wondered why would anyone compare these two values? They have almost no relation to one another and don’t reveal much (if anything) about true comparative metrics like users, visitors, revenue.

Its pretty straightforward to outsource bandwidth to Akamai or another CDN, and almost everyone does and I’m sure that Amazon’s IT guys are constantly looking for ways to keep that number low. For AWS, S3 is storage so I expect bandwidth to be huge.

It reminds me of the early days of the net where sites would quote site traffic, not in page views, or visitors, but ‘hits’. They sure do sound impressive, but almost impossible to use for comparison.

I think AWS are great and anyone that isn’t spending time figuring out how to take advantage of them has their head in the sand. It’s just that these kinds of comparisons are no substitute for real information.

Category: Enterprise
Topics: Market Analysis

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