App-ifying IT

Dan Woods’ recent Forbes article, titled “From App Store to Snap Store: Data Access as a Product,” highlights the merits of a self-service app store approach for IT organizations. Every company these days is looking for new ways to leverage technology in order to become more efficient, as well as more intelligent and agile at the same time.

Often these efforts start in smaller pockets within a company: a marketing organization wants to try a new lead management application to accelerate sales opportunities, the travel department wants to utilize a new SaaS booking tool to gain cost efficiencies, a product development team wants to adopt a new collaboration app to improve project workflows, etc. The list goes on and on, and shows no sign of shrinking.

Every business unit is also noticing new internal and external data sources they could glean insights from  “whether via social media channels, market research, government data, or competitive sources”  if only the IT department could help them organize, filter and cleanse the information. The only problem with all this is the hairball integration challenge it presents to IT departments tasked with supporting such diverse portfolios of apps and data sources.

I agree with Dan that an IT app store concept is the perfect way to tackle this conundrum. What business person wouldn’t love to get the same access and simplicity we experience on our smart phones and tablets for the technology we use at work? That’s what the business Internet is all about, and we’re excited to help bring the app store approach to data connections.

When more data is easier to get to across more of your business, the possibilities for what you can do with it really are endless. What are your thoughts? Would a data connection store ease your company’s IT burden?

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