Attn CIOs: Embracing The Cloud Means Embracing Today’s Reality

It was only a few weeks ago that we wrote a whitepaper (Taming the Integration Nightmares of a 1,000 App Enterprise) highlighting the integration nightmares that customers should be prepared to face with the ever-increasing SaaS application adoption. The white paper explained how enterprise IT has to deal with fragmentation of business applications from a handful of traditional on-premise business application suites (Oracle, SAP, Siebel, PeopleSoft, and arguably i2) into thousands of point SaaS apps (Zuora for subscription billing, Okta for Identity Management, etc.). Funnily, we suggested 1,000 Apps as an outrageous number that would capture the audience’s attention. Little did we know that this number would not look that outrageous within mere weeks after reading this article that reports findings of Skyhigh Networks.

The most shocking and interesting result of this research was the fact that  file sharing, content sharing, and backup and archiving apps are the most commonly used, yet least blocked, by enterprise IT. While CIOs are shying away from Cloud apps in the fear of security and compliance breaches, their employees seem to be happily working around the system. In my opinion, the main reason for their users to bypass the established processes is to achieve speed and agility in their daily tasks. Users are more tech savvy than ever and are therefore more capable of finding their way around.

I would urge IT professionals to review Skyhigh’s report and SnapLogic’s whitepaper to arrive at a cogent strategy that ties all these loose ends together while delivering on their business stakeholders’ needs.

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