Cloud Integration: From the Edge to the Enterprise

This is my first week at SnapLogic and I couldn?t be more excited to be here!

By way of introduction, I first started running into the challenges and need for cloud integration in 2006. I remember posting an Idea on the Ideas site at the time for ?a data warehouse in the sky? (the term ?cloud? had not yet been embraced) and writing about the disconnect between the BI/ data warehousing world and the SaaS application world. Well, much has changed in the last 7 years:

Not surprisingly, the need for a comprehensive real-time cloud data, application and process integration platform and strategy has also surfaced as essential ingredients to cloud adoption and success. Industry analysts are now calling the category Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) as they focus on the Hybrid Integration Challenge.

So why SnapLogic?

That’s easy. The SnapLogic team is 100% focused on cloud integration innovation and bringing a truly modern, elastic approach to enterprise IT.

It?s the end of the batch-only era. It?s the era of social, mobile and big data. It?s the API era. It?s the era of modern approaches like REST, JSON and HTML5. As organizations of all sizes move their applications, platforms and IT infrastructure to the cloud, it?s critical that next generation thinking and technologies are deployed. You?re going to hear much more about the SnapLogic elastic cloud integration platform in the coming months. But don?t take my word for it – here?s our founder and CEO Gaurav Dhillon talking about the SnapLogic vision, technology and the future of cloud integration:


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