Cloud Partnerships in the News: Integration Is the Foundation

Last week, as a shot across the bow leading up to Oracle Open World, CEO Marc Benioff announced a new Salesforce partnership with Workday. The headlines screamed:

At the heart of the announcement was this quote from Benioff:

“We offer phenomenal solutions, but those solutions are better when they work together. And that’s what customers want. They want that integration. They want partnership. They want vendors to have working relationships with each other. They want them to take responsibility for implementations and for service level agreements jointly. And that’s the kind of relationships that we want. I think increasingly customers will have an aversion to vendors who don’t have these types of partnerships and working relationships in place.”

So two powerhouse cloud vendors unite just before Oracle Open World 2013. It seemed like we were heading towards another @benioff vs. @larryellison social media battle heading into #oow13, but only one thing hadn’t changed as of Sunday night – Larry Ellison still had only one tweet…ever. Marc Benioff, on the other hand, was working to rekindle the “bromance” label that he earned when Salesforce and Oracle announced a new partnership just a month ago. Here’s a sample of @benioff’s tweets from the Oracle Open World Keynote:

Benioff Oracle Open 2013 World Tweets

and more…

Benioff #oow13 tweets


Call it “frenemies,” “co-opetition,” “bromance,” or just another brilliant marketing strategy, the bottom line is that the cloud, social, mobile era requires integration. It requires open APIs and open platforms. For the IT organization, it requires real-time, elastic technology that scales up and out and goes beyond simple point-to-point integration use cases. And most importantly, it requires partnerships that are focused on customer success. To that effect, today SnapLogic announced that we’ve certified four partners on our next-generation cloud integration platform. Here’s what Mark Wong, head of channels at Saama Technologies had to say about the partnership:

?With the wide variety of cloud applications and platforms being adopted in the enterprise, the need to integrate them together as well as with on-premise applications, databases and files has become a priority for the business user who requires timely access to data. As such, SnapLogic and Saama Technologies have become strategic partners as our joint capability to deliver cloud data integration is critical to maximizing results for our clients.?

For more information about our new partner programs, please visit:

In November, I’m excited to be participating on a panel at the Cloud Channel Summit with Jeff Kaplan from THINKstrategies. It should be a lively discussion abut what it takes to all get along in the cloud. A cloud kumbaya if you will…

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