Corporate IT misses the mark….

I came across an interesting survey today. Over one thousand middle managers at large companies (>$500M revenue) were asked about their ability to gather and use information within their company. The summary I read indicated that despite the millions of dollars spent on business intelligence, data warehouses, analytic and reporting packages:

50% of the information they obtain is of no value to them
50% believe their company does not do a good job in determining what data each department needs
59% believe that as a consequence of poor information distribution they miss opportunities
42% have accidentally used the wrong information
57% have to go to numerous sources to compile information
40% said that other parts of the company are unwilling to share information
More people thought it was easier to get information about their competitor than it was about their own company.

Unbelievable. Dysfunctional, too.

Its interesting to note that it’s not that the information does not exist, but that it is unavailable, poorly distributed, or out of date.

Is it any wonder that departments and individuals opt to form their very own shadow IT. And the dangers that lurk there are well known. I think this is, in part, due to the historical emphasis on core integration technologies by corporate IT.

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