Designing for the Enterprise to Make Integration Easier Than Ever

It?s no secret that the SnapLogic Designer platform is easy-to-use and great to look at. Building pipelines is simple and straightforward, thanks to Joyce Lam her team working behind the scenes here at SnapLogic. In Joyce?s recent guest blog post in FullStart, she discusses ?Designing for the enterprise, ? and how it requires ?more than just rounding the corners.?

Tablet designer

In designing and developing our current interface, Joyce and team had to take into account how streams of complex and abstract data that are difficult to visualize could be displayed in a simple but robust platform. To solve this problem, the SnapLogic team decided to change how traditional IT users think about user experience and come up with a completely new way of creating something that could be easily understood and implemented without the use ? or knowledge of ? specialized code. This new way of thinking resulted in an improved product with a clean and elegant interface using a lot of white space, and allowing for the smoothest implementation processes possible.

When asked about past goals met and new challenges moving forward, Joyce is enthusiastic about empowering our users and giving them the opportunity to demand better products that fulfill expectations. She, and the rest of the team here at SnapLogic, are constantly striving to provide the necessary functions that enterprise applications demand that allow easy, elegant, and innovative integration. Thanks, Joyce, for making integration so easy it?s a Snap!

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