Distributed Open Source Organizations…

Zack notes here that a lot of Open Source companies are hiring. This is true.

It looks like we’re all looking for great Open Source developers and we’ll go just about anywhere to find them. Its a well know fact that mySQL has employees in over 100 locations. The power of the Internet and collaboration technologies make people productive, valuable contributors no matter where they are.

Matt points out here some of the principles Alfresco relies on to ensure that their distributed organization can be successful.

Several things are at work here. First, Open Source projects, by their very nature, exist on line before there is any physical presence. By necessity, the projects that survive have overcome the problems of distributed collaboration. Since project contributors are typically the first hired, Open Source companies often start with fully distributed organizations. Once the culture of on line collaboration is established, it’s much easier to hire anyone without regard to their location.

For Silicon Valley based companies the difficulty of hiring the best and brightest means supporting a fully distributed organization is the only way to attract the people you need.

And sometimes it’s simply that the people you want to hire don’t live, and don’t want to live near headquarters.

On that note, I’d like to formally announce that we’ve opened two new ‘offices’. Our Boston office was opened by Mitch, who moved back after several years living in the Bay Area, and our New Zealand office opened June 1st when Juergen joined the team.

It took me over a year to recruit Juergen to the team but we finally got him to make the jump. I’ve known Juergen a long time and worked with him at nCUBE, Resonate and now here at SnapLogic.

There’s lot of Open Source activity down there and I’m sure there will be times when is seems like he’s at headquarters. With any luck I’ll be visiting him soon….

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