Enhancing SaaS applications through data integration with SnapLogic

For anyone in the Bay Area, I’ll be speaking next Tuesday, September 16th at the SDForum Business Intelligence SIG.

This will be my first chance to speak about some of the work I’ve been doing since we released our solution packs for SugarCRM and SalesForce.com. SDForum audiences tend be be very interactive, so it should be a fun evening.

The talk will begin with an introduction to the SnapLogic architecture and the capabilities available, including extending the system. I will then review some simple transformation pipelines that access a basic orders system. Finally, I will demonstrate an application that uses these pipelines to implement a collaborative account management system on top of SugarCRM combining data from multiple applications to improve account intelligence.

Hope to see you there.

Update: Slides from the talk are now available.

Category: News
Topics: Conference CRM

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