EuroPython 2008 Day 1

I’m Vlinius at EuroPython 2008 this week. There are about 250 attendees, which is somewhat bigger that last year.

This is already shaping up to be a good conference. The overall energy level here is high. Everyone is enthusiastic about Python and the projects they work on.

This is definitely a Python community event, and it has the comfortable feeling of a unConference, while still being well organized. It’s a good balance.

The overall feel is similar to PyCon, yet at the same time it’s subtly different in a way that I can’t fully explain yet. It’s not just a culture or USA / Europe thing – there’s something more to the difference. So far, I have noticed more of a tendency to continually improve and challenge the status quo. There is a strong spirit of innovation and there have been many presentations about ideas and work in progress.

I fought off Jet Lag, and caught a full days of sessions for Monday.

So far, I attended:

I had a 4pm talk on using SnapLogic to analyze Trac tickets, which was well attended. There’s a lot of interest in what we’re doing, and plenty of questions about what the practical applications are. The Trac integration project I’m working on should help in that area.

Slides from my talk (and others) are on the EuroPython wiki talks page, and also on the SnapLogic wiki

The timezones eventually caught up with me, and I missed Guido Von Rossum’s keynote at the end of the day.

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