Financial Force Guest Post: The Importance of Platform Neutral Cloud Integration

Every now and then, we like to invite a guest blogger to post with us. Today we would like to welcome Emma Hoyle, public relations manager, Financial Force.


Cloud integration is a key consideration for enterprises adopting a SaaS or cloud-based solution strategy where they have not chosen to standardize on a single cloud platform. There is no doubt that uptake of this service will grow. As organizations grow their inventory of cloud applications, they need to be able to maximize the benefits that cloud promises, and to do that, the applications need to talk to each other and to existing business critical applications like traditional on-premise ERP.

Little has changed with regards to the business challenge of application integration in many years. No matter how advanced the level of cloud adoption or the deployment model selected, the same outcomes are required to make the apps ecosystem work successfully. This includes organizations sharing data from existing on-premise apps with cloud apps and vice versa. While SaaS applications continue to evolve, offering better ways of doing things, technology innovations are making integration easier.

We have been working closely with SnapLogic with our customers. We think it?s a great option when you want to hook up FinancialForce applications and Salesforce CRM to other cloud apps which are not running on the platform; or you want to integrate to traditional on-premise applications like ERP. SnapLogic reduces vendor lock-in risk by providing open extensible integration solutions for all software, applications and infrastructure primarily on the web. Using Web 2.0 principles, they can build data flows and workflows quickly and simply, eliminating the expense and complexity that used to be associated with employing teams of specialist integration consultants. The cloud is helping to make companies more self-sufficient when it comes to their IT infrastructure and by being able to integrate applications in this way, they will be more efficient and more effective too.

Category: Enterprise

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