SnapLogic Delivers the Highest ROI in the Shortest Time for Any Enterprise Integration Platform

Dayle Hall
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How do you truly de-risk your technology purchases and decisions in today’s environment? Many vendors promote vague benefits or irrelevant benchmark figures in an effort to inform their customers, but in reality they just overwhelm and confuse them with needless marketing noise. But here’s the secret to helping customers eliminate that confusion: prove it. Prove that you have helped customers accomplish their goals, show how they did it and how new customers can replicate that success. What better way to help eliminate the customers’ risk when selecting a new technology?

That’s why we commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study on SnapLogic to examine the ROI organizations realize by deploying our platform. We believe this report holds valuable information to help you consider the costs, benefits, and powerful changes that SnapLogic can bring to your business. It also enables us to make some bold claims, based on the research, that positions SnapLogic as delivering the highest ROI in the shortest time for any enterprise integration platform. Here’s what they found. 

SnapLogic Delivers a 498% ROI 

The TEI study examined actual customers who have been using SnapLogic for three or more years. It found that from C-level to IT to LOB, SnapLogic users across the business are realizing:  

  • $3.9M in total benefits over three years for a 498% ROI
  • $1.6M (70%) reduction in platform costs while driving company-wide digital transformation and eliminating app and data technological debt
  • $800k in new revenue streams generated by LOB users 
  • 70% boost in developer productivity via AI-powered tools 
  • $640K savings in maintenance costs by adding automated processes
  • 50% reduction in app and data integration developer headcount
  • 6 months for SnapLogic to pay for itself
SnapLogic Delivers the Highest ROI in the Shortest Time of Any iPaaS
SnapLogic Delivers the Highest ROI in the Shortest Time of Any iPaaS

SnapLogic helps transform integration from a cost center into a profit center. Lines of business can develop new solutions for their customers that were previously unobtainable or too expensive to undertake. SnapLogic is also proven to break down technology and process barriers between CRM, HCM and ERP to enable real-time insights for quicker, more informed decisions. 

You know your business needs to move faster. Period. Don’t let yourself be crippled by disconnected data, applications, processes and, slow hand-coded integrations. Implementing SnapLogic automates the integration process to deliver the speed, agility, and scale needed to compete today. 

Download the Forrester TEI Report.

Dayle Hall
Chief Marketing Officer at SnapLogic
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