Glocal Forecast: Mostly Cloudy

Last week SnapLogic announced the opening of our European headquarters, propelled by momentum with existing European customers, as well as our great and growing customer base in the US. We are extremely excited to spread our wings and spread the word about SnapLogic. We’ve got a new office in London, new team members aboard, and a new opportunity ahead of us.

But it got me thinking? in the ?post-cloud? generation of enterprise software, how meaningful is the milestone of opening a regional office? When a company can serve any customer on the planet via the Internet, is it a quaint idea to get excited about entering a new geographic market? Even if it is a whopper?(Gartner estimates that Western Europe account for 29 percent of the global SaaS/PaaS/IaaS market by 2014. Things are going to be mighty cloudy in Europe.)

I say even in the Internet era, and maybe more than ever, delivering a great business solution is both a global and a local proposition. The ?glocal? movement encourages individuals or groups to ?think globally and act locally?, and at SnapLogic, we agree. Though our products are available to anyone, anywhere with a browser, companies and countries have their own culture, customs and the way they do business. Our new headquarters in London is a key step in “going local” as we engage with our new customers and partners in Europe to connect the cloud.

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