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Greetings everyone,

We’re finally ready to talk about what we’re doing. It’s been nearly a year since Mike and I got together for the first time to talk about the problems people were facing trying to stitch together all data they were generating from their various applications and services. I was trying to figure out if there was a way to build a service that acted as a hub for the exchange of data, while Mike was looking at the problem from an entirely different perspective, trying to understand why existing integration solutions didn’t scale the way the Internet could. He knew first hand how complicated the problem had become and how the trends toward outsourced applications and Internet based services were making the problem bigger and even harder to solve.

From those early conversations we concluded that none of the traditional approaches were going to work and that new thinking had to be applied to solve the problem in an entirely new way. The conversations quickly converged to discussions about RESTful architectures, open source, and the power of community and sharing. Fast forward to today and you have the beginnings of the SnapLogic Data Integration project.

Along the way we added a bunch of others to the team and together we’ve laid the foundation for the solution that was envisioned during those early days. It’s very exciting now that we’re ready to tell people what we’ve done so far, and where we are heading. You can read all about it in our project backgrounder.

We’re going to be showing SnapLogic for the first time publicly at the MySQL conference DotOrg Pavilion later this month. From there, we’re going to begin our beta program when we release the SnapLogic code and begin learning what others think of it . If you’re at the conference, please stop by to meet the team.

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