How many Facebook apps can dance on the head of a nano tube???

I can’t resist commenting on two items that I came across this week. First was the news that Stanford’s Facebook application development class was showing off their wares.

The other was that Cal had demonstrated a nano tube radio (listen here).

As a graduate of both these fine institutions, I sometimes hesitate to pick for a winner of the Big Game. But as far as these two newsworthy achievements go I have no difficulty picking a winner.

I hate to say ‘In my day…’, but in this case it’s actually true. When I was at, Cal we used to debate with our cross Bay rivals about the advantages of RISC registers windows v. MIPS compiler optimization. Patterson v. Hennesey, RISC v. CISC. It was great fun.

At $34,800 per year for undergraduate tutition at Stanford, and only $8,400 at Cal, I have to say that as an alum, parent, and recovering academic, I’d much rather have my children go to an institution that was pushing the boundaries of nano tube resonance instead of FBML.


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