Integration remains the number one inhibitor to adopting SaaS…

CIO magizine reports on a recent survey by Forrester indicates that integration remains the number one inhibitor for Enterprises adopting SaaS.

This comes as no surprise to me.

We’ve been talking to all the large hosted application providers and they all say the same thing: My subscribers have data inside their organization and they need to get it out. The larger the company, the more likely they need to integrate their SaaS application with behind the firewall data and other applications. When integrating that data becomes more difficult (or less secure, or available) the extra integration complexity is traded off against the simplicity of a SaaS alternative. Once the complexity gets too large, it can quickly overcome the benefits of SaaS.

Integrating SaaS with internal apps remains problematic since access generally requires software that runs inside the organization to manipulate and transform the data and to initiate integration with the SaaS apps for higher security.

There are a number of hosted integration alternatives emerging, but few adequately address the behind the firewall issue. The ones do, suffer from either being too complex for the SaaS marketplace, or too limited in function to handle the task.

We here at SnapLogic have been working on the problem for a while now. We think we’ve got the right approach to this problem. We’ve got open source software that you can download and run wherever the problem lives. Our distributed approach allows you to apply the necessary access and/or transformation functions wherever it’s needed, and deploy in on top of your existing infrastructure, weather that in your data center, in the DMZ, or in a co-location facility. And since it works just like the web so you already know how it works to keep it running fast and secure.

Of all the possible deployment scenarios for SnapLogic, integration SaaS applications with enterprise apps is by far the most common.

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