Introducing the SnapLogic Integration Cloud

?The new world of cloud, social, mobile and big data applications has created multi-point integration requirements that demand a new generation of more elastic integration solutions.?

– Jeffrey M. Kaplan, Managing Director at THINKstrategies, Inc.

Today we announced the SnapLogic Integration Cloud Winter 2014 release, which is a major step forward for the company’s integration platform as a service (iPaaS). The SnapLogic Integration Cloud ensures that your company can instantly access and stream your data, regardless of its location, type and size so you can:

  • Get a faster return on SaaS: Eliminate SaaS silos and accelerate adoption by managing real-time processes and bulk data integration requirements in one easy-to-use orchestration interface.
  • Go beyond hand-coding and point-to-point data loaders: With a library of 160+ pre-built connectors, you can instantly stream and orchestrate processes between cloud apps like Salesforce and ServiceNow and on-premises systems like SAP and Oracle EBS.
  • Take advantage of next-generation technology: The SnapLogic Integration Cloud scales elastically based on your requirements and is built for mobile deployments and on-the-go monitoring.

The Winter 2014 release introduces new functionality in the following areas:

User Experience:

  • Support for nested data and process flows, which allow integration developers to rapidly assemble more complex flows, called pipelines, with modular sub-flows.
  • One-click copy and paste also improves reuse and sharing of integrations within the same organization.
  • New auto-provisioning options for administrators make it easier to set up users and ensure developers are productive quickly.


The Snaplex execution network is a major integration innovation with this release. It powers businesses to:

  • Scale out in the cloud for SaaS application orchestrations
  • Address hybrid integration requirements by running behind the firewall
  • Scale up and down based on the data volume or integration latency requirements
  • Trigger process flows based on events or scheduled jobs, called via REST APIs, or invoked programmatically via the snAPI

Enterprise Deployments:

With every release we focus on delivering the mission-critical cloud integration features that enterprise IT organizations expect. A few of the innovations in this area include:

  • Guaranteed message delivery for business applications and analytical systems
  • Parent/child org support
  • Multi-zone disaster recovery

New and Enhanced Snaps:

We’re constantly introducing and updating the Snaps on our SnapStore. The Winter 2014 release includes updates to Amazon Redshift, NetSuite, ServiceNow, Tableau, Workday, and Zuora Snaps and introduces MongoDB, Qualys and more.

At SnapLogic, we believe application and data integration are critical ingredients to success in the cloud and we?ve built a fast, multi-point and modern integration platform as a service (iPaaS) to address simple and complex enterprise needs. Here’s a new video that summarizes what we do:

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