iPhone, iPhone, iPhone, iPhone, Paris Hilton….

Now that I’ve got your attention, I just wanted to share a tiny humorless anecdote.

I was driving down University Ave. tonight on my way to Stanford and I noticed a bunch of youngish, much-too-goodlooking-for-their-own-good hipsters milling around on the sidewalk.

A little further down on the sidewalk there were another bunch of people sitting on lawn chairs working on PowerBooks. My eyes scanned a few more feet down the road and I saw a TV news van as well as a PodTech van.

Then it dawned on me. They’re waiting in line for iPhones!

I felt old and completely out of touch. I don’t use a Mac and I didn’t buy an iPod (mine was a gift). I’m neither proud nor embarrassed to tell you that there isn’t any music on it, only geek podcasts.

I read about the strange people that were camping out in line to be the first to buy an iPhone, but to me they all seemed like Paris Hilton paparazzi. Something you only read about but couldn’t imagine actually seeing (or wanted to see).

But lo and behold. Right before my very eyes. There they were, the iPhonarazzi.

We all know the real news tomorrow is that GPLv3 will be launched. Maybe there will be some GPLv3arrazzi.

UPDATE: Here’s the video podcast from earlier in the day.

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Topics: IoT

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