LNAV: The Log File Navigator

Today I wanted to throw a shameless plug and highlight one of the side-projects from one of our very own engineers, Tim Stack.

For developers, ops, and those who frequently live in the terminal, lnav is log file viewer that can help you analyze and navigate through your logs. Simply point lnav at a file or a directory and it will decompress the files, detect their format, and index any log messages contained within. The log messages from all files are then displayed in a single view ordered by time and several hotkeys are available for jumping to messages based on their time or log level. Semantic information is highlighted and filters may be applied to help focus your investigation. Additional features include a pretty-printing structured data, like XML or JSON, a SQL interface for querying logs and more. To check out the complete list of features and download for Linux or Mac OS X, head on over to http://lnav.org/

Here are a couple of screenshots:



Cool stuff Tim! Thanks for sharing. Be sure to check out the tool at http://lnav.org/

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Topics: Data

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