Make Rich Internet Applications, Rich Information Applications with the Dojo Grid.

Today Snaplogic along with SitePen, the Mozilla Foundation, Nexaweb, Redfin and others are announcing the contribution of TurboGrids’ grid widget to the Dojo Foundation. You can read about it here.

This grid is important because it enables an entirely new class of ‘Rich Information Applications‘.

Rich Information Applications are AJAX-based Rich Internet Applications that contain lots of data. The problem with Rich Information Applications has been that the amount of data they required would either bog down the browser, or overloaded the server.

Building high performance, responsive Rich Information Applications typically required complex programming to partition business and presentation logic across the client and server for optimum performance. This new Dojo grid takes care of this automatically, plus has all the data manipulation features you’ll need to build applications that rival desktop applications.

One of the very first deployments of SnapLogic was to provide data services for a Dojo app and there was a great deal of complexity in the JavaScript necessary to access and present the data. When we heard what the Dojo Foundation was planning with and this new grid, we knew it was going to have a big impact.

If you’re building Rich Information Applications, Dojo and SnapLogic are the way to go.

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