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Every so often, we like to invite SnapLogic community members to join us on our blog to discuss our experience working together and to offer up smart advice for the cloud-enabled enterprise.

Hi, I’m Chris Boulanger, co-founder of Cervello, writing to share my recent experience with SnapLogic at Dreamforce. Cervello is a dynamic technology company focused on delivering planning and analytics solutions via the cloud. One of our analytic solutions simplifies the process of synthesizing data from various online marketing efforts, combining information from your paid advertising, website traffic, and social media programs to get an “all-in” view of your online marketing activities and results.

Having initially built the plumbing for the solution the old fashioned way, export from source > upload to staging table > transform to star schema, we wanted to see how easy it would be to leverage SnapLogic to handle the data integrations in an automated fashion. So we set off to build a simple demo sourcing data from Google Analytics, Facebook and Twitter, transforming it and loading it into Birst (leader in on-demand business intelligence).

For the purposes of the demo we created some simple dashboards analyzing trends of social media activities (Facebook, Twitter) with website traffic (Google Analytics).

Replacing our custom data integration process with SnapLogic was pretty easy. We started by going to the Foundry and pulling in existing components for Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter and Birst. We then configured each component with our credentials and source to target mappings. The Google Analytics pipeline was the most complicated because metrics needed to be pivoted from rows to columns, not a big deal for SnapLogic.

Once the pipelines were built we could automate and schedule the data loading process and it was off to San Francisco to demo the solution in the SnapLogic booth at Dreamforce ’11.

It was great to be in booth 509 with the SnapLogic team and the expo floor was buzzing with activity. We had a steady flow of traffic interested in seeing the demo and discussing their desire to measure online marketing results in a more defined way as well as the general challenge of data integration that it seems all organizations are facing in 2011.

The only negative part of the experience for me was the embarrassment of sweating through my bright orange conference shirt, but from the looks of things, Marc Benioff is a sweater too!

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