Mashups == EAI 2.0

That’s what Gregor Hohpe says in his most recent blog post. Gregor ought to know since he literally wrote the book on EAI.

If you’ve been following what’s going on with Mashups, declaring that Mashup are the new EAI isn’t exactly new. Dion Hinchcliffe has been talking about it for ages, but what Gregor describes in his post are the similarities between Mashups and EAI based on their design patterns.

Specifically, he identifies the ‘Content Enricher‘ pattern as something that is fundamental to both Mashups and EAI. I couldn’t agree more.

His book identifies a few others that I think are vital to to the concept of the Mashup as well: Filter, Normalizer, etc.

Yahoo Pipes, Google Mashup Editor, SnapLogic and other lightweight, composite application and integration tools are perfect examples of these integration pattern. But since SnapLogic is Open Source you can download it and run it yourself and it has the flexibility to support any data source which makes it much more than a simple web based, RSS manipulator.

Category: SnapLogic
Topics: Mashups Pipeline

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