More Than Just a Snap: Connecting Zuora

One of the great privileges I have as Director of Alliances & SnapStore is that I get to engage with a wide range of innovative companies.  Some of them are independent software vendors (ISVs), some are system integrators (SIs), some are independent developers and others are customers. What has become very apparent over the course of hundreds of conversations is a common thread that we’re very excited about at SnapLogic, namely, the power of a single, standardized integration platform backed by a solid expertise network.

Let me elaborate: obviously, there are customers with specific integration needs that accumulate over time who can ring home the value of a data integration platform. In today’s world of ever-growing cloud applications, however, those integration needs accumulate at an increasing pace, making integration a growing challenge and creating a hurdle to the adoption of those SaaS apps.  SnapLogic’s data integration platform enables customers to address both their current and future integration needs on a single, standardized platform backed by a community of experts from leading ISVs, SIs, and developers.  ISVs have successfully erased sales objections tied to integration by quickly building a certified rich connector or Snap for their application. Quite simply, SnapLogic catalyzes the adoption of an ISV’s application.

One such success is Zuora. SnapLogic has collaborated with Zuora’s customer care team to build integration solutions to meet the needs of Zuora’s customers without any deviations from Zuora’s product roadmap.  We take away the integration pain while allowing Zuora to focus on their core competency: delivering a great SaaS application. As Marlene Summers, senior manager of Zuora’s customer care team put it: “You can’t be in the SaaS world by yourself.  You have to blend in and make yourself open and accessible for other systems to talk to.” For more details of this successful partnership, see the recent Silicon Valley Business Journal article.

In fact, we’ve seen this time and again that by coupling a solid Snap with a vendor’s application, that vendor is able to speed up their sales cycle, wield a competitive advantage and still focus on their core competency.  In future blog posts, I’ll relay more exciting stories from the field on how SnapLogic is being successfully leveraged by our ecosystem.  In themeantimee, if you are engaged in building or delivering solutions in the cloud, learn how you can easily provide connectivity across apps by partnering with SnapLogic.

Category: Enterprise
Topics: SaaS Snaps

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