November 2014 Release for the SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform

We are pleased to announce that our November 2014 release went live this past weekend. Some of the updates available in this release include:


Enhanced Account Encryption lets you encrypt account credentials used to access endpoints from SnapLogic using a private key/public key model.


Additionally, initial user passwords are now system-generated and the ability to reset a forgotten password has been added.



Projects can now be saved to show up on the Patterns tab of the catalog, letting you use any pipelines within them as templates.



SnapLogic’s support for big data integrations using Hadoop’s framework to process large amounts of data across large clusters has come out of Beta. Support for Kerberos has been introduced as a Beta feature.


Lifecycle Management (Beta)

The subscribable feature lets you manage pipeline development though the concept of promotion through phases to production.


UI Enhancements

A few changes have been implemented to make pipeline building easier, including:

  • Unique Snap names when placing multiples of the same Snap on the canvas.
  • Copying and pasting of configured Snaps.
  • Multi-select of Snaps
  • The ability to turn off the auto-validation that occurs with each save.


Pipeline Documentation

With one click, you can download or print a document that describes your pipeline, listing all Snaps, their configurations and the pipeline properties.


New and Enhanced Snaps

This release introduces the Email Delete Snap, SumoLogic Snap Pack (Beta), and SAP HANA Snap Pack (Beta). In addition, enhancements have been made to SAP Execute, Directory Browser, Google Analytics, File Writer, Aggregate, and database writer Snaps.

See the release notes for detailed information.

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