Parameterized database query results as a RESTful data service…

That’s a catchy title? Don’t you think?

Lately we’ve been talking a lot about high level capabilities of SnapLogic and some of the interesting things that can be done with it. Googleing HTML meta data, access by desktop applications, LinkedIn Mashups, all the rest. But we’ve gotten a bunch of basic questions like: All I want to do is expose my database queries as a service? How do I do that? How can I parametrize it so that I don’t have to create a bunch of separate Resources all doing basically the same thing?

Boring? Perhaps. But sometimes those are the kinds of problems that people need to solve every day.

So we made another screencast demo. This one shows how you can use SnapLogic to create a set of RESTful data services where each URI accesses a database and responds with the result of a parametrized query.

Check it out here.

Category: Product
Topics: REST

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