Part III: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Cloud Integration

(This is the final post in a three-part series)

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve shared my thoughts on the integration challenges of the last 20 years. All of these have led to where our industry is today. Here at SnapLogic, we observed the various impediments to integration, and set off a few years ago to tackle cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground integration in a new way.

We wanted to help virtualize your data outside your cloud providers to give you the greatest amount of abstraction and freedom of choice in how you choose to leverage your IT portfolio. We also felt passionate about bringing integration to the mere mortal. We believed that integration needed to be quick, relativity simple, and most importantly it must have a cost point radically lower than in the past. We asked ourselves, could we do for integration what did for CRM?

So what happened?

  1. First, we developed the first and only REST based integration platform. REST makes the web work, and it gives SnapLogic the scale and resilience we have all marveled at with the Web.
  2. Second, we broke the code on a “Snap” architecture that truly allows us to bring all end points into a neutral canonical format.
  3. Third, we made this Snap architecture available to third parties such as integrators and private companies to build commercial and private Snaps, much like the Apple App Store model which has revolutionized the mobile consumer Internet. This creates a marketplace of available Snaps which keeps the cost for integration low.
  4. Finally, we developed a 100% visual environment that allows people to create integrations, resulting in a commercial integration platform that allows customers solve their integration challenges at 25% of the cost and time required with legacy products.

Here’s where it gets really interesting, because a funny thing happened on the way to solving the cloud integration problem. In our effort to make cloud integration easy, we actually just made overall integration easy and cost effective!

Remember the retailer I mentioned in my first post? Their goal is to eliminate hand coding and free up those 50 FTEs for more strategic work, by leveraging SnapLogic as their integration framework for everything between existing initiatives best-suited for ESB or ETL implementations. Current integration approaches are slow and cost prohibitive relative to Cloud apps and enterprise are looking for a lightweight solution to orchestrate business processes across Cloud and ground assets. We see the same pattern among our media customers. Between ETL and EAI/ESBs, there’s a gap in the integration infrastructure of most organizations, and a pressing need for a commercial platform that can sit side by side with ESB and ETL infrastructure.

How about you? Do you find that current integration approaches are slow and cost prohibitive relative to your Cloud apps?


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