Reflections from GigaOm’s Structure Data Conference

By Andrea Eubanks De Jounge, VP Marketing

It was a busy week full of Big Data at GigaOM’s Structure: Data event which took place during a snowy spring week in New York City.  In the Structure keynote venue, GigaOm senior writer Stacey Higginbotham hosted a fireside chat, sans fire.  Our CEO Gaurav Dhillon explained why Big Data is broken without integration.

Guarav outlined the impact he expects from the “Internet of things,” saying that when it comes to fruition, the economics of big data analytics will start to pay off. He referenced the decades-old bar code, used for warehouses to replenish inventory. Today, he said, we have newer technologies that help us maximize inventory with data, such as an app that can ping a retailer to help a shopper wandering aimlessly around a store.

Gaurav ended the keynote by saying that if we can apply the right analytics to the right data and ensure that machine data can interoperate with data from CRM or other applications, then the real payoff for big data will begin.

Our own Rich Dill, solutions engineer, presented a hands-on workshop on the “Top 10 Challenges of Making Big Data Real, and Tips to Overcome Them.” He focused on how to make integration projects successful by using integration technology, like SnapLogic’s BDaaS solution, and key techniques for learning, understanding, and planning for success.

Rich shared some of his own successes and challenges over his years of building solutions and completing software and integration projects. He framed his presentation using the cultural standard of “David Letterman’s Top Ten”:

1.     A miracle occurs here: of course we can connect to it?

2.     There is always more data than you expect: unless there is not enough data to be meaningful

3.     Never mistake a memo for reality: did you hear what I said or what I meant?

4.     It is logically impossible to schedule for the unknown

5.     There is life beyond American English: eventually you will have to deal with other languages

6.     Of course the data is accurate, clean and ready: no really

7.     Dealing with unstructured data is fun: somewhere buried inside is your delimiter where you least expect it

8.     The data and process is subject to: pick your acronym PCI, FIX, HIPPA, SOX

9.     The requirements once defined are set in stone: yeah right

10. The most critical data will be on the most difficult platform to access: “a good deal of our case data is on Notes running on AS400.”

Thanks to everyone who attended our sessions or dropped by the SnapLogic table.  We look forward to seeing you at the next GigaOM Structure event in June and unveiling some exciting news!

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