re:Invent-ing Integration In the Cloud with Amazon Web Services

re:Invent is moving full steam ahead!  Who would have ever imagined a conference getting sold out?! This, in my opinion, is a sign of times to come. Amazon is on its way to reinvent IT (no pun intended). IT?s role is truly going to change from down in the weeds to more of an orchestrator of a multi-cloud infrastructure; I?ve talked more about this change in my recent blog. In case you are not present at the event, you can track the latest at the AWS blog. You can also watch the keynotes that are being streamed here.

Amazon is powering a consumption-based pricing model where upstarts can avail themselves of sophisticated technologies without having to put down millions of dollars (that they don?t even have). Amazon Redshift is a great example of the momentum behind Amazon Web Services (AWS) where they are onboarding more than 100 customers per week. Customers are flocking towards this innovative technology infrastructure that reduces their cost and time to value. The other benefit of AWS technologies is that customers can now scale their IT infrastructure in response to their growing business demands. This innovative technology demands disruption in adjacent areas as well. One such example would be the data integration technology layer that enables these customers to load data into Redshift for the initial bulk upload and the following real-time data synchronization from source systems. Customers are facing the Integrator?s Dilemma where their existing tools and technologies are struggling to keep up with the new requirements that innovative technologies such as Redshift present. Customers are looking for the same affordable subscription-based pricing model for their cloud integration needs that they get with Redshift. They are also looking for a data integration solution that can elastically expand and scale to handle the anticipated data volume growth. The success of the joint webinar between partners AWS Redshift team and Snaplogic, where we had more than 400 registrations, reflects the enthusiasm and interest in the joint offering.

Given that re:Invent kicks off today, here’s how you would use a SnapLogic pipeline to extract a Twitter feed with hashtag #reinvent and upload that information into Redshift for visualization magic with tools like Tableau.

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 10.03.04 AM

There are a few representative use cases amongst the customers that SnapLogic is working with. Here?s one:

A global biotech company is leveraging SnapLogic to consolidate all their distributed data into Redshift, in bulk initially followed by real-time synchronization. They wish to do a better job at cross-selling and upselling into their customer base with visibility at the global scale.

Currently, they have their business data – customer, address, orders – residing in multiple on-premise systems (Oracle DB, SQL Server DB, etc.), and their contact and account data in They are using SnapLogic?s on-premise Snaplex to load and sync their on-prem data sources with Redshift. They are using SnapLogic?s cloud Snaplex to sync their data into Redshift. Using the multi-tenant SnapLogic Integration Cloud, they are able to design these integration pipelines once and deploy them to the necessary SnapLex with a simple drop-down option. No deployment jugglery necessary! They chose SnapLogic over other competing integration tools for:

  • Rapid time to value (their entire POC took a mere 40 hours from start to finish)

  • Highly productive drag-and-drop environment

  • Prebuilt intelligent connectors called the Snaps that simplify connectivity with Redshift,, Oracle DB, SQL Server DB (with the upside to connect to 160+ more!)

  • Superior architecture and deployment flexibility that includes enterprise-grade data processing capability both on-premise and in the cloud

  • Future-proofing of their investments with built-in elasticity and self-upgrading software

  • And, a flexible and low risk subscription-based pricing model

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