REST for Content Management…

John Newton has a great post on the future of content management standards in the Enterprise. He’s identified a growing interest in REST interfaces for content management and that they should be considered for every information service.

I couldn’t agree more. Data services are the foundation of information services and REST is better suited to these kinds of interactions. As John says:

REST compared to SOAP is also inherently more content-oriented and scalable. After all it is using the same protocols and mechanisms that are driving the content-rich web. The web manages to capture and serve up gazillions of pages daily. REST can scale as big as the biggest web sites, because it uses the same infrastructure as any web site. However, SOAP requires custom infrastructures to scale to any large size. REST and the web also handle streaming of content efficiently and effectively. SOAP is only now just establishing new interfaces to more effectively handle streaming of content. The fact that a REST interface is stateless is also very important for scalability. REST is also about resources and resources mean content. SOAP is not as naturally distributed or â??federatedâ? across multiple servers.

I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

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Topics: REST

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