Shocked, shocked to find that ‘Man vs. Wild’ is fake!

Everyone knows that there’s nothing ‘real’ about reality TV. Right?

I don’t catch a lot of TV, what little I do see is of the Disney channel variety, or the occasional Mythbusters or other Discovery Channel type programs. However, I do remember seeing a program once or twice called ‘Man vs. Wild‘ and was indeed shocked to see some of the things he was doing.

If you have never seen it, think McGuyver meets Crocodile Hunter. With nothing more than a knife and a flint he survives in the wilderness by eating the head of a snake, building a tent out of sticks and leaves, eating bugs, etc. Pretty entertaining, actually.

Anyway, as I watched it, I found it curious that there was a camera taping all that he was doing, so I knew it wasn’t all as it appeared, but this article blows the whole charade wide open.

In spite of my general awareness to the possibility of a charade, I think I preferred to suspend disbelief.

Won’t watch that one again.

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