SI’s with Benefits: Building the Carrier411 Snap

One of our sales guys recently closed a deal to connect with Carrier411, a leading carrier monitoring service. Small problem: at the time, we didn’t have a Carrier411 Snap. However, as we’ve previously discussed, the SnapLogic platform and open API enable us to connect to a plethora of applications through a mutually beneficial ecosystem between integration developers, ISV’s, and SI’s. So, we were able to get the Carrier411 Snap up and running. Fast.

Since there is no way that a single vendor can develop and maintain connectors or snaps to every application out there, we often turn to our partner community to help develop SaaS, and on-premise Snaps for organizations so that customers can connect and run their business successfully. We reached out to one of our SI partners, StratApps to help us build something quickly- they were happy to help.

StratApps is a SnapLogic certified partner and with our developer toolkit, which includes a developer license, a MAVEN plug-in (allows Java developers to plug into either NetBeans or Eclipse), and an outline for how the structure of Snaps should be created, they got to work.

The amount of time to build a Snap directly correlates to how complicated the application is. Something like Twitter takes up to a week at most. Something more intensive like Siebel CRM, however, might take 6-8 weeks. Once we established the customer?s specific use case, StratApps was able to develop the Snap in less than 2 weeks, helping our customer connect Carrier411 to After rigorous evaluation on our side, checking to make sure there was no malicious code and everything was up to par – the Carrier411 Snap was SnapLogic certified!

There are obvious benefits to those who develop Snaps, but one of the advantages for the SI, in this particular case, is not only do they get recurring revenue for the Snap, but they get to go into the implementation and actual SnapLogic integration project. They can figure out what other applications they are running, build pipelines and help connect those applications for a better business process. By working to maintain this customer relationship, who knows, maybe they’ll even expand the deal?

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