Smartest man in the room…

I sometimes wonder what it might be like to be the smartest man in the room.

I’ve met lots of people that think they are the smartest man in the room, the worst are the ones that always try to convince everyone else.

Today I heard Eben Moglen give his presentation titled Freedom Businesses Protect Privacy to almost 1500 attendees at the mySQL Conference. He was brilliant, convincing, mesmerizing and frightening all at once. I’m already paranoid about my click stream, but after hearing him, it got me thinking about how I can protect my privacy even further.

I wish I had the podcast to quote him, but that will have to wait until it comes on line. For now lets just say that as far as the issues of privacy, freedom and technology’s ability to impact them for both good and evil, he’s was the smartest man in the room.

By far.

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Topics: Conference

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