Snap on a Mac

Back in August, I wrote about my upgrade to a MacBook. Since then, I’ve been running SnapLogic on the laptop as well as on my Linux desktop.

Although we don’t have an OS X installer yet, I collected all my installation notes, and assembled them on the Snaplogic wiki, so others can try it out.

The actual SnapLogic installation is actually very straightforward – it’s just a Python package – with some quick edits to the configuration file to set the hostname, port number, and directories. Getting SnapLogic running on the Mac didn’t really involve any ‘porting’ effort, since everything is in Python, which is extremely portable already.

The bulk of the OS X installation process is really a matter of installing the various other Python packages we use (which the SnapLogic installer takes care of for Linux and Windows.) Even the Python package installs are straightforward since almost everyone now supports easy_install.

On the SnapLogic client side, I’ve been using Firefox successfully. I haven’t tried Safari.

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