SnapLogic 2.0 Enables Really Simple Integration….

We’ve been working really hard for the past several months on an updated version of our data integration framework. What we learned since we first launched last year was that the Web was even more prominent in user’s plans than we had predicted.

The most commonly asked feature requests were around more web functionality that let users expose their data as RESTful services that could be accessed directly in applications of all kinds, browsers, desktops, Java, SaaS, pretty much everything. The pattern that quickly emerged was that of an Enterprise Mashup. They used to call them Portals, but today, with their new AJAX front ends and high degree of configurability, now they’re mashups.

That’s when it occurred to us. We saw that Really Simple Syndication had revolutionized the way people produce, distribute and consume news and information and we saw the exact same things happening with data services. What they were doing with SnapLogic was Really Simple Integration.

Today we announced SnapLogic v2.0. Our open source Community Edition as well as our first subscription offering based on our Professional Edition.

You can read all about it here. Or watch this screencast and see for yourself.

Category: Software

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